Lynwood FAQs

Below you will find frequently asked questions about the Village of Lynwood. If you still have a question, please feel free to contact the Village Clerks office at (708) 758-6101.

When are Village Board Meetings?

When I call for an ambulance, why does Bud's Ambulance respond?

When I dial 911 to report a structure fire, why does more than one department respond, and sometimes arrive before Lynwood?

How can I pay my utility bills?

Can I park on the street overnight?

How do get to the Village Hall, Police Department, Public Works, Water Department and Fire Department

Does Lynwood provide garbage and recycling pick up?

What if I need to replace my recycling bin or container?

Does the Village maintain the trees in the parkway?

Can I water my lawn anytime?

If the Village does any work in my parkway who repairs the damage?

Will the Village remove a dead animal carcass on public or private property?

When a sanitary sewer back up occurs, what should I do?

How is yard waste disposed of?

Why is my water bill so high?

How are streets plowed during snow events?

What happens if my water is shut-off for non payment?

What happens if I had a check returned non-sufficient funds (NSF)?